12.02.2015Numbers of Shareholders Down by 500.000, Negative Wealth Effect for Private Households (Shareholding Statistics of Deutsches Aktieninstitut, 2014) (in German)

The equity culture in Germany takes the second hit in row. In 2014 the number of sharholders and holders of equity funds declines by 500.000 - despite of rising share prices. Only 8.4 million ... Details and download

19.01.2015New edition of the stock return triangle - shares promote private wealth building in the long run (in German)

Shares and equity funds promote wealth building of private households. This is demonstrated by the stock triangle of Deutsches Aktieninstitut, which visualizes the peformance of the companies ... Details and download

16.12.2014Strengthening IPO-market in Germany (in German only)

The position paper emphasizes the importance of functioning IPO-markets for growth financing and employment. An adequate regulatory framework should incentivise retail and institutional ... Details and download

10.12.2014Employee Shareownership in Germany should be promoted (in German only)

The position paper describes the advantages of employee shareownership and proposes measures in order to enhance the attractiveness of this kind of employee financial participation. According ... Details and download

07.11.2014Position on EU Commission's proposal on Shareholders' Rights Directive (in German)

Deutsches Aktieninstituts welcomes the idea of promoting shareholders' engagement. However, the proposal of the EU Commission goes too far especially concerning the regulation on related ... Details and download