13.09.2019Deutsches Aktieninstitut comments on the technical report on the EU taxonomy

Deutsches Aktieninstitut participates in the consultation on the taxonomy report of the Technical Expert Group (TEG). Deutsches Aktieninstitut demands that all sectors and industries affected ... Details and download

09.09.2019Total losses should be recognised for tax purposes further on (in German)

The German government intends to abondon the recognition of total share losses for tax purposes. Deutsches Aktieninstitut strictly opposes this proposal as it, among others, contradicts ... Details and download

04.09.2019Präsident des Deutschen Aktieninstituts wendet sich gegen Aktiensteuer

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel hat sich als Präsident des Deutschen Aktieninstituts in einem Brief an Bundesfinanzminister Olaf Scholz gegen die Einführung einer Finanztransaktionssteuer in Form ... Details and download

07.08.2019Deutsches Aktieninstitut participates in consultation on German Sustainability Code (in German)

In the context of the revision of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), Deutsches Aktieninstitut opposes additional reporting and documentation requirements for companies. When defining ... Details and download