05.03.2014Number of shareholders stays constant, sharp drop in the number of holders of equity funds (shareholding statistics of Deutsches Aktieninstitut, 2013) (in German)

In 2013 there has been 600.000 people less investing in shares or equity funds compared to 2012 - a set back for the equity culture in Germany. This is a key result of the most recent issue ... Details and download

12.02.2014Behavior and preferences of German shareholders (in German only)

The study provides the results of a survey among more than 400,000 retail investors of Deutsche Post DHL. Answers to the following questions are given: What sources of information do retail ... Details and download

29.01.2014ESMA's implementing measures under the Market Abuse Regulation should be balanced

The implementing measures under the new European Market Abuse Regulation will likely go too far. This is the key concern Deutsches Aktieninstitut raises in a consultation of ESMA on this ... Details and download

18.11.2013Employee shareholdership: A survey among German listed companies (in German)

A study conducted by Deutsches Aktieninstitut and Ernst & Young (EY) shows that many stock listed companies already provide a share based compensation or intend to implement one. ... Details and download