About us

Voice of the capital market

Our members, over 200 in number, represent about 90 percent of the market capitalization of listed German stock corporations. We bundle their interests and make their voices heard. In specialist exchange with policy-makers and supervisory authorities, we bring the perspectives of the real and financial economy into the political debate with a view to measured regulation. Our approach is to identify together solutions which pay appropriate attention to all interests.

Think tank

Sustainable and future-oriented decisions need a solid data basis. Our scientifically substantiated publications provide an important stimulus for formation of public opinion. In our studies, position papers and conferences, we highlight the need for action and solutions for today’s questions on the capital market.



Personal exchange between experts and leading figures on the capital market is at the core of Deutsches Aktieninstitut’s work. As a bridge builder between policy-makers and business, we stand for an open dialogue. We offer our members the network that is relevant for them. Our working groups are recognised platforms for exchanges between experienced practitioners: new ideas are developed here and specialist dialogue promoted.


Strong capital markets serve companies and society in equal measure. They are based on balanced legislative framework conditions and fair supervision. Measured regulation which meets the needs of business and investors is the goal of our work.

Without matching financial resources, the best business idea cannot be ignited. Companies deploy capital in order to grow and to create jobs. With the help of shares and loans, they find it on capital markets. Suitable framework conditions for a stock market listing are therefore very high up on our agenda.

Good corporate governance underpins business success and the acceptance of business activity in society. It ensures that companies work within the framework of current laws and provisions and comply with recognised standards and best practices in the environmental, social and corporate governance spheres. We are committed to this end.

Shares are an indispensable building block for wealth accumulation and retirement provision. Germany has considerable potential to catch up in the area of long-term share-based saving, in part through workplace share schemes. We advocate for a policy stance and a legislative framework which facilitate access to shares for broad swathes of the population.