13.02.2017Number of Shareholders Keeps Constant at 9 Million in 2016 (Shareholding Statistics of Deutsches Aktieninstitut, 2016) (in German)

The number of shareholders and investors in equity funds kept constant at 9 million in 2016. This equals 14 percent of the German population in the age of above 14 years. The high level ... Details and download

16.01.2017Stock Returns of the past 50 years - the DAX Stock Triangle of Deutsches Aktieninstitut (December 2016, in German)

By providing for sufficient diversification of an equity investment and focusing on the long term, an investor in shares can expect to achieve a high return, even without spending a lot of ... Details and download

15.12.2016Response Regarding the Proposed Amendments to the German Corporate Governance Code for 2017 (in German)

The amendments aiming at keeping the Code lean are in principle welcomed. Furthermore there is need for discussion and change in particular regarding subjects as communication between the ... Details and download

26.09.2016Accepting Challenges - Moving Ahead

The position paper „Accepting Challenges – Moving Ahead“ points out five central measures that need to be taken in order to successfully realize the European Capital Markets Union. ... Details and download