07.08.2019Deutsches Aktieninstitut participates in consultation on German Sustainability Code (in German)

In the context of the revision of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), Deutsches Aktieninstitut opposes additional reporting and documentation requirements for companies. When defining ... Details and download

06.08.2019Deutsches Aktieninstitut pleads for a retention of the German Capital Markets Model Case Act (in German)

On the occasion of the KapMuG-evaluation process triggered by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV), Deutsches Aktieninstitut has pleaded for an indefinite retention ... Details and download

10.07.2019Kenne Deine Privataktionäre

Wie informieren sich Aktionäre? Welche Dividendenpräferenzen haben sie und wie beurteilen sie Aktien als Instrument der langfristigen Vermögensbildung? Diese und weitere aktuelle Fragen ... Details and download

10.07.2019Behaviour and preferences of German shareholders 2018 (in German)

How do shareholders inform themselves? What are their preferences regarding dividend payments? Do they regard shares as instruments of wealth building? These and other related questions are ... Details and download

26.06.2019Use Shares and make the Pension System fit for the Future - what Germany can learn from other Countries (in German)

The comparing study focuses on the experiences of countries like Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the US as regards the use of shares in the pension system. It is the aim of the ... Details and download