27.03.2020Rentenkommission verpasst den großen Wurf

Das Deutsche Aktieninstitut sieht die Vorschläge der Rentenkommission zur Zukunft der Altersvorsorge in Deutschland kritisch. Zündende Ideen für einen „verlässlichen ... Details and download

19.03.2020Corona-Pandemics: Deutsches Aktieninstitut requests emergency parliamentary act for the benefit of listed companies (in German)

Governmental orders to ban public assemblies and to curtail public life in order to prevent the spread of the corona-virus largely affect the general assemblies of listed companies in the ... Details and download

28.02.2020Shareholder interest in 2019 down (in German)

After two years of rising shareholder numbers, the positive trend came to a halt in 2019. In 2019 there were a total of around 9.7 million people in Germany who owned shares or equity funds. ... Details and download

26.02.2020ESEF: Disclosure solution avoids unnecessary legal risks (in German)

Deutsches Aktieninstitut supports that the German legislator decided to make ESEF only mandatory for the disclosure of the yearly financial report. This avoids unnecessary legal risks that ... Details and download

22.01.2020Investing continously in shares pays out - the DAX Stock Triangle for savings plans (as of December 2019, in German)

The DAX Stock Triangle for savings plans shows that investing continiously and long-term in a broad equity portfolio has paid out in the past. Savers who invested month by month a ... Details and download