and team

Deutsches Aktieninstitut’s management team

Dr Christine Bortenlänger

Executive Member of the Board

Dr Franz-Josef Leven

Deputy Managing Director

The Deutsches Aktieninstitut team

Dr Uta-Bettina von Altenbockum

Head of Communication

Svenja Balonier

Advisor to the Board of Management

Claudia Brehm

Accounting and Finance

Jan Bremer

Head of Legal Department

Alexandra Claas

Assistant to Executive Director

Donato Di Dio

Policy Advisor Capital Market Policy and Digitisation

Elisenda Fàbrega Pascual

Database Management

Dr Gerrit Fey

Head of Capital Markets Department

Jessica Göres

Policy Advisor Sustainability

Tino Gottschalk

IT System Administrator

Mariya Grozdanova

Database Management

Dr Cordula Heldt

Head of Corporate Governance and Company Law

Sven Erwin Hemeling

Head of Primary Market Law

Ilona Hix

Assistant to Deputy Managing Director

Birgit Homburger

Head of Berlin Office

Petra Kachel

Head of IT and Digital

Dr Norbert Kuhn

Head of Corporate Finance

Maximilian Lück

Head of EU Liaison Office

Martin Möhring

Policy Advisor Political Communication

Timnit Mulugeta

Event and Database Management

Renz Peter Ringsleben

Public Affairs Manager

Dr Claudia Royé

Head of Capital Market Law

Jovana Svitlica

Event Management

Nico Zimmermann

Policy Advisor Capital Market Law and Corporate Governance