With our studies and surveys we highlight current or fundamental issues of the capital markets. Our studies and surveys – published partly in co-operation with other parties – appear at irregular intervals.

Our surveys are mostly published in German language and can either be downloaded or ordered as printed versions.

The current position paper of Deutsches Aktieninstitut on the exit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom complements the first position paper from February 2017 and covers further relevant topics, e.g. clearing, benchmark and rating. The analyses of financial and capital market legislation and concrete examples from practice illustrate which topics deserve particular attention due to their significance for business and society in connection with the Brexit negotiations.

As the time for negotiations is advanced, Deutsche Aktieninstitut calls upon the negotiators to agree on transitional agreements in order to prevent a cliff edge scenario."No deal" ist the worst solution for all affected parties.

Moreover, renowned German trade associations have published a digital, cross sectoral “Brexit compendium”.The position papers of participating trade associations on Brexit can be found on the respective website, sorted by relevant topics.