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The third position paper of Deutsches Aktieninstitut on the exit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom illustrates based on the examples customs and product authorisations as well as data protection and derivatives, what companies can do to solve the problems arising from Brexit. However, it makes also clear that companies especially in the case of a hard Brexit depend on the involvement of regulators and supervisors and cannot mitigate all problems alone. Without governmental support measures, the transition to the post Brexit era will not be frictionless.

Given the great time pressure as well as the large number of open questions, Deutsches Aktieninstitut has always called for transitional arrangements and practical solutions, to avert drastic damage for European economies following Brexit.

The current position paper complements the first two position papers from 2017. A German version can be found here.

Also the Brexit compendium, which Deutsches Aktieninstitut together with several other well-renowned trade associations and institutions published in autumn 2017, grows continously and now comprises more than 20 institutions. It contains the Brexit position papers of the participating associations, which all can be found on the corresponding website